Fotografieren Lernen München

Today I make an exception and share with you a photo that I have not taken myself. This photo was taken by one of the participants at my last studio workshop!
I get a lot of questions about how my workshops work, so let me explain! They are usually divided in 3 parts: theory, photoshooting and wrap-up



In the theory part we cover the basics of lighting. Here I explain how light behaves, as once you understand that you also understand how to use any light sources to your advantage. I see a lot of confusion out there about “natural”, “continuos” and “flash“ light but the truth is that light is always light! I personally mostly use flash light but during the workshops we cover characteristics and advantages/disadvantages of any light sources.
We also see how different light modifiers work (bowl reflectors, barn doors, umbrellas, beauty dishes, softboxes…) and when and how to use them. I also explain how my own photos were made and answer all the participants‘ questions… there are no secrets!
I love to see how the participants enjoy this part and how often they are surprised by how simple (and inexpensive) lighting can be!

We then put everything in practice with the photoshooting. Here we always have experienced models, but I also give tips about how to make the best out of any subjects, even the friend with little or no model experience. Indeed one of the big satisfactions of photography is creating amazing images for your friends!
I always make sure that there is enough time for everybody to shoot. With the maximum number of participants very limited, and with 3 hours dedicated to the photoshooting, everyone goes home with great photos for the own portfolio. I also make sure that everybody can shoot what he or she likes, which means I prepare and explain some of my favourite light setups but I guide the participants to adjust them based on their taste.
I am always amazed by how fast the participants can put the theory into practice and by the fun we all have shooting together!

At the end we go through any open questions and I give personal feedback to everyone. We also briefly cover more general topics such as marketing and finding models and creatives for collaborations

I enjoy the workshops so much and I am very happy to see that the participants also enjoy them as much. In fact I not only always get very good feedback but also see the same persons participating again and again!