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Fotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren LernenFotokurs München - Fotografieren Lernen

Fotokurs | Photography 101 | München

(ENGLISH COURSE) Still using the auto modes? Not sure how to frame your shots? Thinking about what equipment to buy? No matter if you like to shoot portraits, landscapes or anything else, I will show you how to understand photography …and your camera too (even phone camera!)

Sunday, 11. March 2018. 13:00 – 19:00. Photo Studio
Max 8 participants

Fotograf Fotostudio München

The ticket price includes studio costs and snacks & drinks. Should you cancel your participation at least 10 calendar days in advance, you will receive a complete refund. Other Terms & Conditions: AGB

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No specific requirements in terms of experience or equipment owned. Total beginners are welcome too!

Understanding exposure

Taking a photo means exposing your camera’s sensor (or film) to light; I will explain to you in a simple way how cameras work and how to control exposure through the proper use of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I will also show to you, with the help of real-life examples, how to achieve the effects you want and how moving away from your camera’s automatic modes will not only give you control on your results, but also accelerate your learning

Understanding your camera

There is only a small number of functions that you really need to understand in your camera, no matter what model you have. Other functions are nice to have but you will use them only occasionally, and others you will probably never use! I will show to you what the important settings and modes are and when you need to use them, depending on your own objectives

Effective composition

There are a lot of popular “rules” about composition and those can indeed help you to improve your photography. But it is all about catching your viewer’s attention with your work and I will explain to you how to do that, with the help of real-life examples. Photography is hardly ever about rules and once you understand how to involve your viewers into your images, your work will improve dramatically

Photography equipment

There is a popular joke saying that “if you teach your kids photography they will never have money for drugs”; photography can indeed be extremely expensive but it does not have to! I will explain to you what kind of equipment you really need for your needs and where you can save money. You will be surprised to see how much you can achieve even with a small budget and I will show to you real-life examples of popular photos that have been taken with very simple equipment (even with a mobile phone!)

Insight into my work

I will explain in details how I took some of my most popular images, why they worked so well and what kind of decisions and challenges are behind them. I will also answer any questions you may have about my work!

Feedback on your work

Every person has a different style and different objectives. I will review your work and give you practical tips about how to come closer to your own objectives; my feedback will cover topics such as composition, camera settings, editing, creativity and any questions you may have!

Short introduction to photo editing

Photography is also about how you edit your photos, no matter if you are using Photoshop or a mobile phone app to do that. I will explain to you why editing is important, how you can enhance your work with it and what you need for a proper edit. You will see that you do not always need to spend hours editing one photo and that what you do really depends on your own taste and objectives. Once again, there are hardly ever “rules” in photography!


Before you leave, I will answer any questions you may still have


  • Following the course, you are very welcome to ask me any questions you may have
  • You will get a 10% discount, should you join a training again
  • You will also get discount codes for popular photography equipment stores (Multiblitz and Foto-Morgen)


I speak German, English and Italian English, Deutsch, Italiano



5 Bewertungen für Fotokurs | Photography 101 | München

  1. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Jeewon Choi

    Along with a big ‘thank you’ I would like to add that I had a great take-away from the workshop. It was structured in a way that was very easy for us to follow and pick up on the most essential fundamentals to photography. I’ve been distant to the theories due to the fear that it may be quite complicated, but you made it easy to understand and furthermore give further ideas how these can be applied in practice. As mentioned, I was surprised, how much you have managed to cover in this workshop without giving the impression that it is overloaded. Your passion and the willingness to share all kinds of savvy information was really an inspiration.
    Again, thank you and I really look forward to the workshops that will be offered in the future

  2. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Deepen Mantri

    Recently participated in Francesco’s photography course for beginners. Course was well organized, very well presented and covered all the interesting topics a beginner would like to know. With his sense of humor, he made this course even more fun. Would definitely recommend others to participate

  3. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Paul Paoliello

    (From Facebook) What a great experience. I went on the beginners course with Francesco, and enjoyed every minute of it. He really helps to clarify the things that you kind of know about but aren’t sure what they do and what they mean. He then helps to explain and show what the impacts of the different elements involved are. He covers the different lenses, the composition of your photos and various other things too, then on top of it, he is really helpful, friendly and approachable. I can really heartily recommend it !

  4. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Alessandro Schito

    (From Facebook) We had a photography training (for beginners) with Francesco and it was simply great. Being an entry course, there’s no need to use the camera (although some people claimed it) since it’s purely focused on the theory behind. I fully agree with the approach as without a proper knowledge of the concepts, there’s no way to shoot brilliant photos. Francesco is not only a very good photographer but also an excellent teacher, able to answer professionally any kind of question, with the support of multiple example photos. I fully recommend it. Best wishes

  5. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Rodrigo Marquina

    (From Facebook) I took the photography beginners course offered by Francesco and what a great surprise.
    The course covered all the basics and need-to-know for every person who is starting in photography. From learning what your camera actually can do to the insights of lenses, composition and basic post-processing, the course includes all.
    At the end you spend enough time to review your own photographs and will get a lot of tips and objective critics on how to improve them
    My first but not my last course with Francesco

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