All you need is one light!

What do all these pictures have in common?

They have all been lit using just one flash!
Well, except for one, which was lit using continuous light… can you guess which one??

One light is all you need

Indeed one flash (or continuous light, or whatever you want to use) is very often everything you need. No need to get carried away with complicated light setups, no need to have loads of equipment between you and your model and also no need to spend money on new gear. Life can be easy!

Many people are in fact surprised by how effective using just one light source can be and by how little equipment you actually need in order to take professional-looking photos. And they are even more surprised to know that some of my most successful pictures have been lit with equipment worth no more than a couple hundred euros… but hey, that’s actually a secret so don’t tell anyone 😉

One-Light Portraits Photo Workshop in Munich

If you want to learn everything you can do with just one light source (be it a studio flash, a speedlite or a continuous light), check out my „One-Light Portraits“ workshop in Munich. See you there 🙂