Understanding Photography… and your Camera too!

Modern DSLR’s can be quite intimidating to use. They are scattered with buttons and if you start digging into the menus you will find loads of confusing functions and settings. No wonder that many people just stick forever with the automatic modes… It is a bit like owning a sports car and using it just to take the rubbish out!
Well, things are usually much easier than they sound. The truth is that there is only a small number of functions that you really need to understand in your camera, no matter what model you have. Other functions are nice to have but you will use them only occasionally, and others you will generally never use! 

Ever heard the saying “it is not the camera that makes the pictures, it is the photographer”? That’s absolutely right, but the photographers need to know how to use their own cameras! Once you understand how your camera works and what the important functions are, you will not only be able to use your gear better, but you will also understand photography better.

That’s exactly the reason why I offer the “Understanding Photography… and your camera too!” workshop. Here we cover how your camera and your equipment work and what you need to know in order to master it. We also talk about how to compose your shots so that they catch the attention of the viewers and how you can retouch them. Besides, I give the participants feedback about their own work and tips about how to improve their portfolio! This training is not only for the absolute beginners, but also for the ones who still have some doubts about concepts such as exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field and much more. And it is even for the ones who are not sure about what gear they need. Since there are only 6 participants per course, you can ask me about anything you would like to know!

This is what Jeewon had to say after attending this class last month:

Along with a big ‘thank you’ I would like to add that I had a great take-away from the workshop. It was structured in a way that was very easy for us to follow and pick up on the most essential fundamentals to photography. I’ve been distant to the theories due to the fear that it may be quite complicated, but you made it easy to understand and furthermore give further ideas how these can be applied in practice. As mentioned, I was surprised, how much you have managed to cover in this workshop without giving the impression that it is overloaded. Your passion and the willingness to share all kinds of savvy information was really an inspiration

Again, thank you and I really look forward to the workshops that will be offered in the future

Will I get the chance to help you improve your photography?